You’re going to need the vehicle identification number (VIN) number to obtain the axle ratio for your Chevrolet Truck, but even after you decipher the VIN and its sequential meaning, you’re going to have to do more leg work. Axle ratios can sometimes be obtained off transmission labels, but those are not necessarily accessible. For the easiest approach to figure out the information for the common person is to obtain the entire VIN number and contact the dealership or the GM manufacturer.

How to Read a Chevrolet Truck Vin Number for the Axle Ratio

Step 1

Locate the VIN plate on the Chevrolet Truck. Most 1972 and newer are located in the left hand (driver’s side) dashboard visible from the lower corner of the windshield.

Step 2

Copy the number down in sequence using the pen and paper. The information in the VINs may vary slightly.