A rear end of a car is the combination of the rear axle and differential gears located at the rear of the vehicle encased in either a cast-iron or aluminum housing. It converts the torque sent by the transmission, enabling the power transfer that drives the vehicle. According to Chevrolet High Performance, the most common GM/Chevrolet rear ends are the 7.5- and 8.2-inch, 10- and 12-bolt and Dana 60. Although Chevrolet has used different rear end models throughout its history, all can be visually identified. Casting codes can also be used to identify the manufacture date.

Step 1

Count the number of inspection cover bolts on the rear end housing. The inspection cover is on the back of the housing, seen by looking forward under the license plate at the rear of the vehicle. It is a round cover, fastened with bolts, used to gain access to the differential gears.