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What Happens When Your Transmission Goes Out?


Transmission problems may put you and your passengers at risk if you do not know what to expect when your transmission goes out. The transmission controls the transfer of engine power to the drive wheels and allows the driver to change gears and control speed. When a transmission goes out, vehicle handling and performance may be affected. Learn how to identify transmission problems, the steps you can take for your vehicle now and how to prevent transmission problems in the future.


Overheating is one of the most common causes of transmission failure, which may occur because of a car pulling a heavy load (such as a trailer), driving in snowy conditions or stop-and-go traffic in excessive heat. When the transmission temperature rises, the fluid burns and begins to lose its lubricating qualities. When this happens, the transmission hardens and becomes prone to leaks, which cause transmission failure. Your transmission may also stop working because of poor automotive design, poor maintenance, wrong fluid type or harsh driving.