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Performance Tips for Chevy 4.3 Engine


The Chevrolet 4.3L V6 is colloquially known as the “3/4 350” for good reason. This engine (which came stock in many top-line S-10s) is essentially identical to any 350 V8 engine of the same year–except that GM elected to lop two cylinders off the the block to make it a V6. This means that practically all tuning tricks and specs that apply to a 350 work on a 4.3L, and a lot of the parts are interchangeable between the two.


The first (and last) modification that many people make to their 4.3L is to scrap the engine’s stock intake and exhaust hardware for freer-breathing units. First things first: if your engine has fuel injection, then toss your throttle body, computer and intake manifold into the trash and set it on fire. The only decent induction systems for this engine are made for carbureted induction, and aftermarket computer-operated fuel injection just isn’t worth the money if you’re not installing a turbo. Intake manifold selection for this engine is pretty poor, but the ones that are out there are pretty good.