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How to Tell If Your Car Is Low on Freon?


Over time, your vehicle’s air-conditioning system may leak out enough freon to require a recharge. This is a normal occurrence due to seal shrinkage and compressor inactivity during the colder winter months. Checking your system to determine recharging needs requires the use of A/C gauges and a thermometer. The skill level needed is well within the capabilities of the average home mechanic, and the tools required are available for sale or rent at most large auto parts stores.

Step 1

Attach the gauges to the service ports of the vehicle located on the air conditioning lines. The low-pressure port will be between the accumulator– located on the passenger side of the firewall–and the compressor. The high-pressure port is located on the line between the condenser–located in front of the radiator–and the evaporator on the firewall. Refer to your service manual for more information on the exact location for your vehicle.