Like all man-made things, vehicles can oftentimes have flaws. However, there are some vehicles that seem to have more flaws than others. Kia, whose parent company is Hyundai, seems to have a few flaws in its Kia Sportage model. In fact, there have been so many people who’ve had the same complaints, that the Internet is flooded with message boards where people have posted their problems and experiences with their Sportages. The most common problem by far is the Sportage model stalling out while it’s running. This problem seems to be common in the Sportage models ranging from 1998 to 2000. However, other models have also had the same sorts of problems.

Biggest Complaint

The most common problem among Sportages seems to be the engine becoming idle or stalling while the vehicle is in motion. This problem has often been attributed to a faulty EGI control relay or a fuel pump that’s failed. The best way to remedy this problem is to replace both of the items at the same time to ensure that the other one doesn’t fail and cause the problem all over again.