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How to Decode a Bayliner HIN


First instituted on November 1, 1972, Hull Identification Numbers, or HINs, are to boats what Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) are to automobiles. The code is an international identifier for each individual boat, and no two boats have the same HIN. Since HINs are federally mandated, all boat manufacturers assign these unique codes during production. The HIN is uniform, following the same format, regardless of the boat manufacturer. From 1972 to 1984, a 12-position code was used, and in 1984 the 12-digit system was slightly updated.

Decode 1972 to August 1984 Bayliner HINs

Step 1

Locate the Bayliner HIN. All boats have the HIN located on the transom (the back face of the hull), found in the upper right, or starboard, corner.