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Rochester Carburetor Troubleshooting


Rochester carburetors were quite possibly the most widely used carburetor in the twentieth century, with over one million units produced by the Delco Carburetor Company, a division of General Motors. Rochester carburetors are known for their durability and simplistic design, yet even Rochester carburetors will eventually develop problems. Thankfully, the most challenging part of repairing the carburetor is first identifying the likely causes of the problem.

Cold No Start or Stall

If the engine will not start due to a carburetor problem when the engine is cold, the cause is most likely a defective accelerator pump. In fact, this is one of the most common problems with Rochester carburetors. The accelerator pump is particularly vulnerable to vacuum leaks, backfires through the carburetor and dirty gasoline. If the accelerator pump is in good condition, the problem may be with a choke that either will not close because it is caught on something, or because the choke linkage requires lubrication.