GM might not have made the 305 as performance-oriented as its big brother 350, but they sure made a lot of them. The Chevrolet 305 was the engine of choice for millions of full-sized GM cars and trucks that were too large for a V6 but didn’t require a 350 just to cruise around town. However, hot-rodders from the dawn of time have made a religion out of modifying just such pedestrian offerings and turning them into hard-core racers. While it may be GM’s second son, the 305 is just as capable of producing 350-plus horsepower as any of its larger siblings.

Step 1

Begin with any late 1980s 305 engine and send it to a machine shop to have the block disassembled, cleaned, checked for cracks, bored 0.030-inch over and aligned bored to bring it into factory spec.