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How to Check an Idle Air Control Valve


The idle control valve in your vehicle is mounted on the throttle body and controls the air flow into the engine from around the throttle body. The valve, as the name suggests, controls the idle. When this valve is dirty, your vehicle will have a hard time idling. Check to see if the valve is functioning properly by physically examining it. If it’s dirty, you can clean it; if it’s not dirty and your vehicle is idling rough, the control valve may have failed. You will be able to confirm this with a voltmeter.

Step 1: Open the hood and remove the screws holding the idle control valve to the throttle body on the back of the engine.

Step 2: Unplug the electrical plug running to the control valve. It may pull right off, but you may need to squeeze the release tab on the top of the your plug before it will come off the end of the valve.