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Information on Chevy 250 Inline Six


The Chevrolet inline six-cylinder engine was General Motors’ basic powerplant for entry-level Chevrolet cars and trucks. It’s part of a long line of straight-six engines dating to 1929 that replaced the inline-four version. The 250 made its debut in 1966 and was phased out of passenger cars in 1979 and trucks in 1984.


Chevrolet’s inline-six originally made its debut in 1929 with a 194-cubic-inch displacement and was commonly referred to as the “Stovebolt” straight-six because head bolts resembled those on a stove. The Stovebolt served as a template for future straight-sixes. It featured a bore of 3.3125 inches and stroke of 3.75 inches. It generated 50 horsepower.