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Wheel Spacers Pros and Cons


Wheel spacers are round metal spacers that go between a car or truck’s hub and the wheel. Spacers locate the wheel further away from the body and are used for a variety of reasons, including fitment, performance and appearance. There are two main types of wheel spacers. The first is a simple design that slides over the existing lug bolts or studs. The other is a bolt-on type, which bolts to the car’s hub. The wheels are then bolted to the wheel spacer.


Wheel spacers are most commonly used to ensure that a particular set of wheels will fit properly on a vehicle if the wheels have the incorrect offset. If wheels interfere with suspension components or body work in the inner wheel arches, then installing a set of wheel spacers may solve this problem by locating the wheels further away from the body work. On the other hand, wheel spacers can potentially cause interference issues since they may locate the wheels closer to the fender lips and body work around the fender openings.