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How to Find a Lien Holder of a Vehicle by the VIN


A lien holder to a car is an individual or organization that shares ownership or title of the vehicle, until such a time when the financing commitment has been fully paid. The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act explains the rules for anyone who wishes to acquire vehicle-ownership reports through the vehicle identification number from a state motor vehicles office. A person wishing to access the report must be accompanied by the owner of the vehicle, have a court order to view the report or possess written permission from the owner. Following a few simple steps will enable you to find a lien holder to a car by the VIN.

Obtain the Vehicle Documents

Request the car’s documentation from the individual who is selling it to you. The documents include the car title and registration. Examine the documents for the existence of a lien. Identify the paid and unpaid liens. Inquire for proof of removal or payment of the lien if it existed.