When Honda Civic air conditioning system (A/C) is being diagnosed it must have Freon in the system. If the system has sprung a leak somewhere and the Freon is gone it is no longer an active system that can be checked. A leak would have to be repaired before further diagnosis can continue. Freon can not be released into the atmosphere and must be reclaimed in a machine and reused. There is a major fine for releasing it into the air. For the purpose of this procedure a circuit tester and a set of air conditioning gauges will be needed.

About the A/C System

There are several parts to an air conditioning system which makes it somewhat complex. The main parts of the air conditioning system include: ? Compressor: This raises the pressure and temperature of the Freon. ? Dryer: This removes sediment and captures and retains moisture. ? Condenser: This acts like a radiator and releases the heat to the atmosphere. ? Accumulator: This does the same as the dryer except it is used to also capture liquid Freon so it does not reach the compressor. Depending on the year, the Honda Civic may have a dryer or an accumulator, but never both. ? Expansion valve: