If you have bought or built a homemade trailer, the process of registering it for road use in your state is slightly more involved then what it takes to register a commercially built trailer. There are slight variations on the procedure from state to state, but the general requirements are the same.

Step 1

Gather all your receipts for any material used in building your homemade trailer. If you used or modified a commercially made chassis, make sure you have all the receipts associated with that work.

Step 2

Take the trailer to your nearest VIN inspection station. You can tow the trailer to the inspection station as long as the vehicle towing it is registered. If you have a commercially built chassis with a VIN number, the officer at the station will conduct a NCIC check that will verify the number was not reported stolen. If your chassis does not have a VIN number, the officer will assign one and affix the VIN plate to the frame and give you the necessary paperwork.