The 350 C. I. V8 engine is one of Chevrolet’s most popular and mass-produced engines. Introduced in 1967, it was based on the same cylinder block design of many small block engines dating back to the original 265 C. I. V8 engine introduced in 1955. It has been used in millions of cars and trucks up to the time production ended. Still available as a crate engine from GM, it continues to be a popular performance engine platform with parts availability from both General Motors and automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers.

Internal Specifications

Also known as the General Motors 5.7L V8 engine, the 350 achieves its displacement by using a 4 inch cylinder bore and a crankshaft stroke of 3.48 inches. The engine uses a wet-sump oiling system with a 5 quart oil pan. The pistons have a 1.46 inch compression height and are manufactured from either cast aluminum, or, in the case of the high performance engine models, forged aluminum.