Vehicles that have been designated as salvaged have been evaluated as a total loss by an insurance company due to the expense of repairs resulting from an accident, flood damage or theft. Once this designation has been assigned, the registration is canceled, and the vehicle cannot be driven on public roads. From this point, reregistering the vehicle requires repairing the damage and passing the state-authorized inspection. Vehicles that pass this inspection can then be reregistered as either rebuilt or revived salvage, depending on the terminology used by the state.

Assessing the Damage

After being purchased as a salvage vehicle, the first step to get the car registered again is to do an assessment of the damage and the necessary repairs. A starting point is to get a copy of the insurance company’s original estimate of damage. This paperwork should have an itemized list of repairs to be checked off by the state inspector. Be aware that the original estimate may not cover the full extent of damage, especially when the vehicle has been designated with a salvage title due to flooding.