Chevrolet abandoned 1950s styling in a big way in 1960, when it introduced the C/K series pickup trucks. The 1960 to 1965 models were leaner, more sculpted, roomier and offered more power than the previous generation. The C/K series styling was so popular that the basic design remained through the end of its production run in 1997. By 1963, one out of every three pickups was a Chevy. In 1963 alone, 483,119 Chevy trucks left the factory.


The light-duty 1960 to 1965 pickups came in half-, three-quarter- and one-ton versions. The half-ton version featured a 115-inch wheelbase. The three-quarter-ton model sat on a 127-inch wheelbase and the one-ton version had a 133-inch wheelbase. The trucks featured a 6.5-foot or an 8-foot bed.