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How to Open a Travel Agent Business


The travel industry has grown at a steady pace in recent years and is highly desirable to many people because of relaxed working conditions and excellent travel discounts. If you do not have a college degree with a specialization in travel and tourism, you will need to complete a training certification course. Courses are offered through many universities as well as online. Once you have your certification, you can get started.

Establish a place of business. The office location needs to be in a high-traffic area of town to help establish a strong presence. It also needs to be large enough for another agent in case your business expands. Make sure the property is wired for high-speed Internet and multi-line telephones; both are business essentials.

Acquire office equipment (computers, printers, fax, and scanner) and a payment processing equipment. Many customers today prefer to pay for travel expenses with credit or debit cards. You will need a card merchant account to accept these payments.